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  • sylvana

    Sylvana Livissianis CPA is the Principal with more than 20 years’ experience at senior levels in Corporate environments at CFO and Financial Controller level.  Like an Executive PA, she is your dedicated CFO at less than the cost of a part-time Bookkeeper. And she will pay her way with guaranteed savings to your business.

GamePlan CFO assists with the Strategic Planning process, Budgets, Cashflows and helping business owners reach their goals.

Unlike your tax accountant, we are available for your day-to-day issues when you need our help. We develop an action plan from day one that fits with your long-term plan.  More importantly, we ensure you achieve your goals and show you how finances can help you measure and track your achievements. No accounting jargon, that is our promise, just sensible straight forward language.  All at an affordable monthly fee.

As a bonus, we will analyse your costs in detail and identify cost savings.  We Guarantee you will save at least 10% to your bottom line – or your monthly fees will be refunded.  You really have nothing to lose.  You will have accounts on-time, all your staff will be reviewed and trained with our latest checklists and procedures plus you will save time and money as a direct result of our 20 years experience helping business owners reach their goals.  We will help turn your business into a high performance organisation with our proven strategies.

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