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Performance Management is normally a term that refers to managing and improving the performance of employees. The process starts with an articulation of the company goals and objectives and then communicating these high level goals to employees. It is a system that ensures that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner. From these high level goals we develop agreed employee goals, competencies and standards...

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Business intelligence (BI) is the ability to slice and dice the information contained within a business into meaningful data. It is a way for the business to drill through the organisation and get the information that is needed to effectively manage the business. Often this information will come from different systems within the organisation. For instance sales and profit will come from the accounting system. The number of sales calls...

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What is a KPI?

Posted By on Dec 25, 2015

KPI is an abbreviation for Key Performance Indicator. It is a term that is used primarily in business. Kpi’s or key performance indicators could be factors such as revenue, profit, number of customers, product unit sales, customer satisfaction. See list below. These kpi’s or key performance indicators are a way to determine the success of an organisation or at least the progress toward success. Key performance indicators (kpi’s) fall...

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